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3 Colorado Running Towns for Virtual Runs

on October 29, 2021

Among the health-conscious, running remains one of the most effective means to become fit and to maintain good physical condition. The expansion of the internet's influence allows people to measure their progress through virtual races. This also allows greater flexibility when you plan your jogging routes. What follows are three examples of great towns for running in Colorado.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs may be the second most highly populated city in the state, but is a mecca for runners. In fact, tourists visit from all over the country to run in Colorado Springs. It blends a mild, dry climate with an endless choice of trails and paths. Pikes Peak Greenway Trail is a true crowd-pleaser, featuring a 2.3-mile section that runs through college downtown. If you prefer a highly scenic jog, you can pace yourself through the 15-mile trails for walking or running in the Garden of Gods. Or when you need a relaxing training session, Shooks Run Trail at the eastern end of the city provides 4 miles of flat pavement.

Source: Great Runs


Loveland features a community centered around runners and cyclists. There are 23 miles of recreational trails for walking, running or biking in Loveland that can be accessed off of Highway 34. Conveniently paved and circling a large portion of the city, the Recreation Trail System takes you along the Big Thompson River, past irrigation canals, and through wetlands and high prairie grasslands. Part of the route adjoins the western shore of scenic Boyd Lake State Park. Maybe you prefer a day where you are not running on the pavement. Mariana Butte Trails is a short excursion (only 1.25 miles long) but allows you a chance to spot wildlife. River's Edge Natural Area provides almost four miles of soft-surfaced trails for walking, running or bicycling. You can even access The Recreation Trail near the Big Thompson River.

Source: Centerra

Fort Colins

Nestled against the Rocky Mountain Foothills and home to Colorado State University, Fort Collins boasts spectacular scenic trails and a thriving runner-friendly community. Fort Collins Running Club has grown exponentially through their Running U program that readies runners for their first 5K. For those who like to run with their dogs, Poudre Trail is an easy 4-mile path near a river. If you require more of a challenge, Blue Sky and Indian Summer Trail is a beautiful 15.6-mile trek with uneven terrain and seasonal wildflowers. Despite its name, it is open year-round.

Source: Fort Collins Running Club

Running or jogging is a great option to attain physical fitness. However, it can challenge the motivation of even the most dedicated athlete. Colorado offers a means to venture off the beaten path.

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