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Old Injury Acting Up? Here are 5 Solutions to Get Back to Running ASAP

on June 07, 2022
Old Injury Acting Up Here are 5 Solutions to Get Back to Running ASAP

A physical injury is painful and can prevent you from running at the frequency you wish. When you are working out, you should take precautions to reduce the chance of accidents or injury. This can stop you from dealing with pain and discomfort caused by strained muscles in the future.

If you exercise regularly, you are at risk for muscle strains, knee injuries and shin splints. You may also be susceptible to developing tendonitis, shoulder injuries, sprained ankles and spraining your wrist. Once you are injured, the pain can last for years to come. Here are five solutions to help you deal with an old injury:

Hot & Cold Packs

If you need relief from pain, using hot and cold packs can provide you with relief. When you have a muscle strain, apply heat increases circulation and allows blood to flow to the affected area. The warmth releases tightness and soothes discomfort.

On the other hand, cold packs decrease the amount of blood in the affected area. The lower temperature numbs the injury and reduces inflammation and swelling around joint and tendons.


When you stretch, the activity sends blood to the muscles and tendons. Your range of motion is increased as well as your ability to perform physically. It also reduces stiffness and allows your muscles to become more flexible.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy might be the best answer for chronic pain that won't dissipate by employing therapeutic exercises. Physical therapists use techniques that manipulate your muscles and joints to increase mobilization. Many people prefer physical therapy because it’s a non-invasive, hands-on technique that reduces the necessity for drugs, expensive tests, and risky surgery.

Physical therapists can help you heal without surgery, or they can assist before and after an operation to speed recovery. They can assist you to recover from an injury and provide advice on how to prevent further harm.

Active Release Technique (ART)

Active release treatments are useful for people that have tendon and ligament injuries. This technique includes using methods that release trigger points and tight muscles. These methods activate the muscles damaged because of an injury. It relieves muscle pain and helps reduce stress on your joints. ART is useful for lower back pain, shin splints, shoulder strains, and tennis elbow.


With prolotherapy, a natural irritant is injected into the tissue surrounding the injured area and activates your immune system. This response helps your body begin to heal itself and regenerate damaged tissue. It is used for knee, joint, shoulder and ligament injuries.

There are several methods for you to try when you have an old injury that is acting up. These techniques will decrease your pain and improve your range of motion, so you feel better quickly. This can enable you to start your virtual 5k or other virtual challenges you might have been wanting to participate in the past.