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Race the USA - Virtual 10k Race in New York, NY

As a melting pot of cultures and a major financial hub in the world, New York city is dense and vibrant and is sure to keep both runners and non-runners alike, on their toes. With a population of over 15 million people, getting around the city for NYC runs can be a challenge but there are some amazing routes that are worth exploring to every runner. New York City trails come under two distinct umbrellas of Manhattan and the New York City boroughs – consisting of the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn. With innumerable options in the Central Park Area, and along the beautiful greenways of the Hudson River, Manhattan hosts a delightful spread of trails. This combined with its generally flat topography are sure to excite avid NYC runners. Let us look at some of these routes in brief!

Manhattan trails

Two of the must do areas in Manhattan are Central Park and the beautiful Hudson River. Central Park is located in the heart of Manhattan, offering a woody trail filled with sights of cherry blossoms in spring and Manhattan skyscraper silhouettes in the background. The park is busy with pedestrians, dog walkers, runners and also celebrities, giving your run a glam quotient. Within Central Park, there are 2 key routes one could use to plan their NYC 10k runs. One is the Perimeter route and the other the reservoir route. As the name suggests, the 6.1 miles Perimeter route takes your around Central Park through Harlem and Cedar Hills whereas, the Reservoir route takes you through the picturesque lakefront view route by the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.  If you are looking for a river view NYC 5k runs, a view of the New Jersey skyline or a gorgeous sunset run, the Hudson River trail is the best option for you! The path stretches from the Bronx situated in the north down to Battery Park in the South of Lower Manhattan, taking you through Hudson River Park and Riverside Park. There are also other bridge runs that take you from the Hudson River routes to Brooklyn for those interested in checking out the Boroughs.

If you are a professional runner looking to pit yourself up against the best, New York City does not disappoint. It hosts one of the most popular marathons and NYC races in the world, the NYC marathon and NYC half marathon in November, where you can witness the world’s best gathering annually. There is also the Five Borough Series hosted by the NYC Road Runners (NYRR) regularly through the year. If you think your marathon running benefits only you, think again! The Race the USA Virtual 10k Series works closely with many community organizations to raise money for noble causes like feeding children. So, when you are running, you can feel good for yourself and the cause you are benefitting! With amazing humid summers, New York City is sure to put the S in sweat. Its subway system (MTA) allows easy access to all routes and with a great number of running stores, it is the best place to let yourself loose! Indulge yourself in events like the 10k run NYC, color run NYC, NYC road races and other NYC fun run.