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Best States for Trail Running Enthusiasts

on October 20, 2021

As one of the most physically and mentally exhilarating forms of exercise, outdoor trail running is a great way to provide your body with a challenging workout while enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Running on a treadmill or on a concrete road can get boring, but taking your run outside to the trails will deliver new opportunities to push your body while giving your eyes and mind a change of scenery. Here are four of the best states for trail running enthusiasts:


The high altitude of Colorado makes it a haven for trail runners looking to stretch their body to the limits. Colorado has long been used as a training area for American athletes. Training at high altitudes makes it easier to compete at sea levels, so the state is a popular stomping ground for many professional runners. The majestic Rocky Mountains and its neighboring foothills offer a plethora of trail running opportunities over a variety of terrain. Quaint towns such as Boulder, Estes Park, and Fort Collins provide the perfect starting point for any trail running adventure.


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Utah's mountainous terrain makes for many scenic and challenging trail running opportunities. The sweeping views of many of the country's best national parks provide a stunning backdrop for all of your trail runs. From the natural rock formations of Arches National Park in Moab to the magnificent canyon views at Zion National Park, trail running in Utah provides a host of scenic backdrops.


Appalachian trails serve as the backbone of the Eastern United States’ hiking attractions. There’s no better way or place to weave your way through the meandering forests and fields of the Old South. For particularly long runs, you can rent out cabins along the Smoky Mountains to enjoy scenic views day in and day out.


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Vermont's famed Green Mountains offer especially mild temperatures in the summer months, making trail running in Vermont a real treat for both amateur and experienced runners. The varied terrain of Vermont's geography delivers a variety of elevations to choose from as well as some of the country's best wildlife encounter opportunities. The relative peace of the area makes trail running a nearly spiritual experience, exercising the mind as well as the body.


Wyoming is home to part of Yellowstone National Park and as such, can claim numerous running trails. You'll be able to see geysers and breathtaking scenery in the canyons. Take the proper safety precautions with wildlife and with the terrain so you can come back again and again to enjoy the wonders of these trails.

The options are nearly limitless when trailing running in America. So lace up your shoes and see where your feet will take you!

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