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I have enjoyed each year. This platform helps to motivate me. I have received my plate and shirt. I am ready to rock and roll. I am having a hard time logged on right now. I am hoping that site will work soon.

Standard Package

I revived the standard package which came with a plaque, t-shirt, and patch noting how many years I have been in this challenge. I love doing this challenge and I am happy to be doing my third year.

Love it!

The team who runs this challenge is awesome! Thru the Facebook page they are very communicative about general announcements and are very responsive to any emails I send pertaining to questions I have. The challenge itself is such a great motivator. This is my 3rd year doing the challenge, and I look forward to all the monthly coins, yearly total coin, and adding more plaques to my collection :)

Very fun challenge

This is my third year doing the challenge and I don’t see myself stopping at any point in the future. There have been a few technical glitches this year, but they’re very good about posting updates on social media about the progress on resolution.

Good challenge

I’m enjoying the challenge. Everyone I emailed has been very helpful and supportive. Thank you.

Enjoying the Challenge

This is my 4th year doing Challenge in Motion. It has inspired me to continue exercising. The awards are really special. I look forward to them every month.

Reach for the Stars 2024 review

I am absolutely over the moon to be a part of this challenge. My Tshirt and patch arrived a couple of days ago and I am really delighted them. Also my last year's coin arrived with my pack and I am absolutely thrilled with how beautiful the end of year coins are and the excellent quality of them.


This is my third year participating in this challenge. I'm kinda on the fence about this year's plaque, as with the previous years it's a good quality and the design is really nice, I've just gotten used to having a specific place to put each months magnet, I do have an idea of how I'm going to place them tho so it's all good

2024 My Best Year Challenge - "Reach for the Stars"

Doesn’t always work

I have had quite a bit of trouble getting mine to work. It does seem like within the last week or so. Things are working better. But not always reliable.

wonderful medals

Very good experience! wonderful medals given with the challenges and very nice jerseys! AAA+++

Papa Smurf's Merry Miles Virtual 5k
Alyssa Landrum
The cutest 5k medal!!

I gifted my mother and my grandmother this race experience as a Christmas gift and they both loved it! Very fast shipping and great medal and bib!!

This was so fun last year. I can’t wait to begin a new year!

Santa's 8 Reindeer Challenge (8 Miles)

Elf on a Run Challenge (100mi) (FREE)

Papa Smurf's Merry Miles Virtual 5k
Amazing medal!

Loved the medal and pins! Makes doing 5Ks virtually so much fun.

Papa Smurf's Merry Miles Virtual 5k
Julie T
Love the Smurfs

I was just so excited to see the Smurfs! A throwback to my childhood. The medal is just stunning! Great way to be motivated!

Papa Smurf's Merry Miles Virtual 5k
Love the Smurf concept

This is such a nice way to being the Smurf’s alive!
I have a Smurf village in me fairy gardens

Papa Smurf's Merry Miles Virtual 5k
Pierre Owen


Papa Smurf's Merry Miles Virtual 5k
Postage to uk so expensive

Postage is so expensive to overseas. Difficult to afford 😢

Smurf-O-ween 5k Challenge
Paolo Baretta
wonderful medal!

Great occasion for running some miles and cycling tons of km! The gifts are great!

Running Bad Virtual 5k
Katharine Blowers
Love it

Awesome medal


2024 My Best Year Challenge - "Reach for the Stars"


North Pole to NYC Challenge (32.62mi/326.2mi)


Santa's 8 Reindeer Challenge (8 Miles)


Oktoberfest Virtual 5k (3.1 miles)