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2024 Challenge in Motion Free Activity Challenge Badges

Get Ready to Move: Embrace a year of active living with our 2024 Challenge in Motion! Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our Challenge is designed to motivate and reward you for every mile you conquer.

Monthly & Yearly Challenges: Each month, you'll face a new and exciting challenge, tailored to push your limits and expand your capabilities. Log your miles through our user-friendly platform and watch your progress soar.

Digital Badges – Your Trophies of Achievement: As you reach your monthly milestones, you'll unlock exclusive Digital Badges, visually representing your hard-earned achievements. These badges aren't just symbols; they're proof of your dedication, perseverance, and evolving fitness story.

Free, Fun, and Fulfilling: The best part? It's completely free! Our Digital Badges are a no-cost way to keep your motivation sky-high. Join a community of like-minded individuals, share your triumphs, and be inspired by others' journeys.

Year-Long Motivation: Don't just stop at a month; aim for the stars with our year-long challenge! Consistently log your miles throughout the year, and you could be one of the proud unlockers of the coveted Annual Challenge Badge.

Ready to Join? Sign up today and start tracking your miles. Let every step take you closer to your fitness goals. Remember, every mile counts, and with Challenge in Motion, every mile is a victory.

Challenge in Motion: Where Your Miles Matter.



January 2024 Activity Badges

2024 February Activity Badges

2024 March Activity Badges

2024 My Best Year Challenge - "Reach for the Stars"


North Pole to NYC Challenge (32.62mi/326.2mi)


Santa's 8 Reindeer Challenge (8 Miles)


Oktoberfest Virtual 5k (3.1 miles)