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Welcome to the FAQ Page for the 2024 My Best Year Challenge

Please relate all Customer Service questions/issues directly to or via Facebook Messenger.  We do request that you refrain from posting Customer Service related questions in the Facebook Group posts or communts or other Social Media platforms.  The reason is posts and comments can get missed.  We strive to answer emails and messages within 24/48 hours and we don't want to miss your question.    Also, we want to keep the Facebook Group a place that is positive and motivating for everyone.    


When does the My Best Year Challenge begin?

The 2024 My Best Year Challenge officially begins on January 1st 2024.  Participants can start the challenge at any time after that date.


Do I need my packet to start the challenge?

You do not actually need the packet to start the challenge.  As long as you are tracking your miles you will be on track to receive your monthly engraved coins. 


How do I log into my account to track miles?

You can track your miles for the My Best Year Challenge via the following link  You will need to create a new account to create a profile on the tracker or login into your existing account.  Once you are in we will approve you to the challenge and you will be able to begin logging miles.  


When will I receive the swag for the My Best Year Challenge?

If you are a Deluxe, Standard, or you ordered the My Best Challenge T-Shirt they will begin shipping in January 2024.  (You do not need this packet to begin the challenge.)


Where do I log my miles? 

Participants will be using the Challenge in Motion™ tracking platform to log their miles.   You can use this link to log into your account: If you have not created an account yet please send us an email at contact@mybestyearchallenge or  and we can send you instructions on how to create your account and/or reset your password. 

It is important to know this platform is not an app and will not track your distance.  It is a method for logging and keeping track of your miles.  It is also not required to participate in this challenge.  You will still need your regular tracking app such as MapMyRun, Nike Run Club, or fitness devices like FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch etc.   You will however be able to sync some of these devices and apps to our tracking platform for assisted logging. 


What is the "Legacy Challenge" listed under my profile? 

The "Legacy Challenge" is an overall accumulation of your miles logged.  Miles that are logged to any active challenge are also added to this challenge to give you an overall accounting of your miles.  Also, users can also log miles directly to this challenge if they are not actively participating in any other challenge to accumulate miles and earn various monthly challenge badges that we create each month.  


What if I don't want to use the tracking platform?

You are not required to use our tracking platform for this challenge.  If you find it easier to email us your monthly mileage total for confirmation you can definitely do so.  The email to send your monthly total is


How often do I need to log my miles? 

You are not required to log miles at any given time.  Log your miles daily, weekly, or all at once at the end of the month.  Whichever frequency is the easiest for your routine.  Deluxe Participants - All monthly miles must be logged and confirmed by the 5th of each month.  Once we have your miles we will engrave your monthly coin and send it to you.  We expect that you will receive your previous month’s coin around the 10-15th of each following month.


What miles count toward the challenge? 

You can run, walk, bike, swim, any thing that can be converted into a miles format.  This challenge is not about being a competitive challenge.  It's about being the best YOU that you can be.  The miles you put in are the ones that you feel valuable to you.  In the past we have had people only submit their dedicated running miles and some that have put in their full daily miles. 

The miles that we engrave are down to 2 decimal points.  If you prefer to have your coin rounded to an even number please just us know in advance.  


Can I upgrade my registration? 

Participant upgrades:  Anyone can upgrade their registration at any time.  As long as they have been submitting their miles consistently from previous months we can go back and award the previous months' coins.


Can I sync my smart watch or running app to my account?

Syncing devices:  Currently we are syncing with Garmin, FitBit, Strava, and MapMyRun.  We will be working on adding other devices for automatic syncing of miles as well as other features as we progress with the challenge.  We will strive to continually make improvements to the platform and appreciate every and all input!


The miles on my monthly coin are incorrect, how can I get this corrected? 

End of the month miles must be submitted by the 5th of the following month from the month completed.  If you have not submitted the correct milage and your coin is incorrect there will be a $5 replacement fee associated with having a new coin made.


I have not received my coin yet, how can I have a new one sent out?   

Coins are sent via USPS.  Sometimes they can be a little unpredictable when it comes to delivery time frames.  Based on our experience we allow 3 weeks for coins to be received from the date sent (usually the 12th of the month).  If you have not received your coin within this time frame simply contact us at and we will have a new coin sent at no charge. 


Can I "double dip" miles that I have assigned to other challenges? 

Yes, definitely!  Our philosophy is that the My Best Year Challenge is a collection of every mile ever accomplishment that you have achieved throughout the year.  If you need that extra boost of motivation for a day, a week, a month go for it!  In the end this challenge is about you and a representation of all that you have accomplished for the year!