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Race the USA - Virtual 10k Race in Anaheim, CA

The second largest city in Orange County (CA), Anaheim is host to a population of over 300,000 with over 60,000 daily visitors. One of its more famous attractions being Disneyland. Anaheim is surrounded by Irvine, Santa Ana, Newport and Huntington Beach which all together host a few parks 40 miles of Orange County coastline that are ideal for runners planning their 5K run! Let’s look at a few trails that are popular among runners starting from Anaheim.

Santa Ana River Trail

A 30-mile-long trail along the Santa Ana River stretching from the Huntington Beach to the County line, this trail is immensely popular among runners and cyclists. The start point of the trail is marked by the intersection of the Huntington Beach Bike trail and follows the Santa Ana River on both sides of the bank for the most part. Enjoy this riverside 5K run as you compete in the Race the USA Virtual 10K Challenge Series. The trail on one side is paved while the other one remains a dirt trail if you feel up for a challenge. Anaheim is one of the entry points into this trail and those on their 5K run in Anaheim can see the Angels Stadium and Honda Center. From there on, the trail heads east into the Anaheim hills finally ending at the Green River road at the Riverside County line.

Huntington to Newport Beach

Another popular route that starts at Bolsa Chica State in Huntington Beach and follows a 10.5-mile paved path to the Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach. It is popular due to its proximity to the beach compared to the roads in the interior city. If you want to do a longer trail, this trail intersects the Santa Ana River trail at the 8.5-mile mark. Once you reach Newport and still have more energy to spare, why not do the Newport Back Bay Loop? This loop is a nature preserve that is 10.5 miles long and connects the Newport Harbor with Upper Newport. While mostly paved, there are dirt path alternatives that appear on and off near the paved routes If you are looking to running a 5k run that is more challenging.

There are other routes near Anaheim like the Mile square park that consists of lakes, nature paths, and golf courses. If you are looking to try trails less taken then there are other options near Anaheim like San Clemente beach trail, Oso Creek trail, and the Irvine regional park! Get started planning your 5k run Anaheim then!