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Race the USA - Virtual 10k Race in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield is the 9th most populous city of California and is home to the Kern County. Known for its agriculture and oil production, all related activities such as food processing, petroleum refining, mining, energy, etc., flourish in Bakersfield. The city also has its own unique genre of music called the Bakersfield sound. Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada in the east, the Sequoia National Forest towards the entrance of the Kern Canyon and the Tehachapi Mountains to the south, there is great variety offered to all you Bakersfield runners. In addition to amazing landscapes, Bakersfield is also one of the cities in the US to enjoy the highest number of clear days due to its long and hot summers and gentle, cold and short winter months.  With such a great ambiance, the Bakersfield races are a must try. The most popular of the Bakersfield runs is Race the USA 5k Run series.

Let’s see what trails this city has to offer for all those planning their 5k runs in Bakersfield!

Long or short – All trails available!

If you are an ambitious runner looking for a longer trail than a Bakersfield 5k run, then the Rancheria Road Trail is the one for you! Measuring 37.5 miles long, this trail takes you past woodlands, pine forests, and what remains of old California. The trail also provides vistas of the Kern River, San Joaquin Valley, and the Greenhorn mountains. Other popular routes include the Piute Road Trail that starts from Kelso Valley and goes through an unpaved dirt path to the Sequoia National Forest. This trail is otherwise known as Harris Grade. For shorter runs like 5k runs in Bakersfield, there is Rhymes Road and the Bull Run Basin Trail. Rhymes Road goes down from Shirley Peak to the Alder Creek and the Bull Run Basin Trail runs down the Cow Creek in the Sierra Nevada region.

For those who want to flex your muscles in competition, its best to join the Bakersfield running club and get yourself acquainted to local Bakersfield running events. Participating in the Bakersfield marathon or Bakersfield half marathon is also an opportunity to do the same. For those looking to represent their state and win a medal, the Race the USA Virtual 5k Series is a great option to run and help fundraise for noble causes simultaneously. In the Race the USA 5k Run Series, you can take part in their 5k race depending on your requirement. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your family to cheer you on and have some good old Bakersfield family fun while you are at it.

There are many other options available to satisfy your inner runner like sprint Bakersfield, color run Bakersfield, river run Bakersfield, Bakersfield mud runs, etc. So, be ready as the amazing Bakersfield runs await you!