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Race the USA - Virtual 10k Race in El Paso, TX

This city is in the seat of the El Paso County and is located in the Western Most part of Texas. It shares its borders with the Mexican cities of Juarez and Las Cruces to form the sometimes popularly called Paso Del Norte metropolitan area. El Paso also stands on the Rio Grande, a river that defines the border between El Paso and the Mexican city of Juarez and flows through the Rio Grande Rift, a continental rift zone passing along the Southern part of Franklin Mountains. The city witnesses desert climates that shift from Cold dry winters to hot and dry summers that are accompanied by sand and dust storms. While this may be the case, it also sees an average of 83% daylight hours in the Year bagging it the nickname of ‘Sun City’. Sounds like a place worthy of some good runs, right? With a combination of historic downtown city landscapes to challenging running terrain, the city has a lot to offer any expectant runner planning their 5k El Paso runs. Let us see what kind of El Paso running trails are on offer!

Some Lit trails in Sun City

For runners planning their El Paso, 5k runs there is a steep dirt trail up to Mount Cristo Rey with a huge statue of the Cross. This location is right at the border in Sunland Park New Mexico. Another route is the Lazy Cow Trail at Chuck Heinrich Park where just like most of the trails in El Paso, you are confronted with a challenging rocky trail. So, make sure to be well geared up before you take on these trails! Towards the New Mexico border on the west side of town, you can find a long array of old irrigation lines. There are dirt trails along these lines that are long and gives you the option of doing varying lengths.  The canals even meet up with the Rio Grande giving you another running option from there! If you are looking for a beautiful view of the cities of El Paso and Juarez, then run of the Scenic Drive route which is steep and gives your every muscle a challenge. The route is closed off to cars on Sunday mornings so that runners can indulge in this difficult climb to a beautiful city view.

With mild winters and hot as hell summers, be sure that you will break a sweat running in El Paso. Given the rough trails in the city, getting geared up is crucial. There is a specialty running store El Paso TX like up and running El Paso present on the East and West side of the city. The store also organizes group runs and training groups if you want to get into the El Paso running scene. To stay more appraised, join the el paso running club! For those with a competitive flair, there are several El Paso running events conducted like the El Paso marathon and El Paso half marathon, Margarita 5k Run and Run International. Don’t forget. You can represent your city and win at the Race the USA 5k Series where you can not only make your city proud, but also donate to noble fundraisers through your participation. Get going! El Paso awaits you with its color run El Paso, river run El Paso TX and inflatable 5k El Paso runs!