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Race the USA Virtual 10k Run - Houston, TX

Named after Sam Houston, the president of the Republic of Texas, Houston is the most populous city in Texas and has the 4th largest population in the nation. It is known for its diversity in thriving sectors such as railroad and ports, Healthcare and Medical Research Centers and Aeronautics, with NASA’s Mission Control Center located there. With hot and humid summers and pleasantly mild winters, this diverse city offers an amazing ambiance to runners planning their 10k run Houston, who want to sweat it out, all with a side of cultural scenes to experience. While a lot of Houston running routes have been lost to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the city has been quick to invest and rebuild most of its infrastructure which includes urban parks like their signature Memorial and Buffalo Bayou Park. Most of this investment, to help attract more downtown Houston dwellers. There are also other distinct trails like the Rice University area which are popular. While finding a spot to park maybe hard in this car filled city, what Houston offers far outweighs these pet peeves. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing 5k fun runs in Houston this city has to offer!

Trails aplenty!

With a view of the city skyline and beautiful green-scapes to run through, Memorial Park is one of Houston’s Iconic urban parks. Spanning around 1500 acres, the park houses a popular 2.9-mile runner’s trail, the Seymour Lieberman Exercise Loop, which is easy to access and comes with proper maps, signage, restrooms and other public amenities like lockers, to make your 5k runs in Houston comfortable ones. With Houston being fairly flat, it is a great place to have smooth 5ks in Houston! Northwest of the route are also some workout spots for some cross training where you can do your warm downs or work on the rest of your body! Another key route located in Downtown Houston is the Buffalo Bayou Park route that features a 5.2-mile loop that extends from Downtown to Shepherd Street Bridge. One can run through beautiful lawn areas and bridges and stop for a breathtaking Houston Skyline view at the Rosemont Bridge.

While Hotels are located all over town, there are nice ones located in Downtown and near Rice University that allows access to many routes like the Buffalo Bayou Park. They also offer access to well equipped Running stores like Fleet Feet and Luke’s Locker.  For those looking to involve themselves in Running communities and stay appraised of Houston running events, there are communities like the Houston Area Road Runner’s Association (HARRA), the Bon Running Club and other Houston running clubs. Finally, those that have a tinge of competitiveness, also have a chance to participate in Chevron Houston half marathon and 10k and represent their city at the Race the USA 10k Virtual Challenge Series to win a medal and benefit a noble cause. So, what are you waiting for? Come to Houston and enjoy your triathlon Houston, color run Houston, races in Houston TX, bubble run Houston, and the 2018 Houston marathon.


In short it’s quite simple.  Basically you will sign up for your race just like any other race.  Only differences is you will choose the state you plan to complete your distance in.  Also when reporting your finishing results make sure you also choose the state you finished in.  Once complete we will send out your State themed finisher medal!