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Race the USA - Virtual 10k Race in Long Beach, CA

A major shipping port city in Southern California, Long Beach hosts one of the busiest shipping ports in the world. Downtown Long Beach is just 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles and like any other southern Californian city, has mostly sunny days and few damp winter days. A great ambiance for any runner! It is also surrounded by other major cities like Anaheim and Santa Ana. The great weather and access to beautiful trails are an appetite for many runners around. There are competitions like Race the USA series that best suits your running hunger. Let’s see what routes the city of Long Beach has to offer for those looking to do some long beach running!

Local and Nearby routes

Locally itself, one can find many long beach trails like the Hill street on Signal Hill that is a steep hill and poses a challenge to jog up and down as well. The steepness is intimidating especially on the East of Hill street. Once you reach the top, if you are still up for it, one can use the dirt path behind Discovery Well Park to work one’s muscles! Another local spot is the Long Beach City College where the track and field spots are open for public use. Climbing up and down the bleachers there is especially a challenge. Up for a run and a swim after? Bay Shore avenue is sure to not disappoint. Long Beach’s proximity to other running trails in surrounding cities of Southern California makes it an ideal start point for many trails. Some afield trails for long beach 5k runners include the Santa Ana River Trail starting from the Redlands and extending to the beach, and the Huntington to Newport beach trail. Finally, being so close to Los Angeles means definitely running its many scenic trails which showcase parks, boulevards, hills and residential areas. These include routes like the Griffith Park, Ballona Creek Trail and the Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard.

For those looking to test themselves by running the Long Beach Marathon, these trails and others are also part of the popular Race the USA Virtual 5k Series. You can represent your city and win a medal if you plan to participate in Race the USA 5k Run Series. Not simply they fulfill your long for running, but rather you can likewise enroll if you are planning a fun running with your children and family. The run brings assets to place up in charity for Feed the Children association which works for critical physical needs of kids by giving them sustenance and guarantees safe appropriate social insurance and education.

Another popular local event is the Jet Blue long beach half marathon! Staying in hotels in long beach ca during your running trips is not a worry with many hotels in downtown and otherwise offering discounts during marathon season. So, get your gear on and race!