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Race the USA - Virtual 10k Race in San Jose, CA

A city with a downtown historic district made up of classical architectural buildings of the 1800’s and Spanish colonial structures, this city is a treat for the Italianate design enthusiasts. The city is also surrounded by the hills of Silicon Valley, a global Tech hub, and hosts the Tech Museum of Innovation. Therefore, San Jose is a marriage of the past and the future and a delight for runners planning their San Jose runs and looking to learn something on the trot! Let’s take a look at some of the amazing trails in and around San Jose!

Trails, trail, and more trails!

For someone starting in San Jose, one of the major paths for runners is the one along Guadelupe River. The path begins at the center of downtown San Jose, weaves through Silicon Valley and ends at Alviso along the San Francisco Bay. The highlights on the path are the 250-acre Guadelupe River Park in downtown San Jose and the Alviso Park trails. The south of San Jose is especially rich in running paths starting with the popular Los Gatos Creek trail that is 10 miles long and ends at the Lexington Dam in the hills of Los Gatos. The trail is a gradual 500 feet climb with a paved and unpaved path on either side of the Creek. Other South of San Jose paths include the Quicksilver Park, the Los Gatos Damn trail and the Coyote Creek Trail. These trails combined, offer amazing lake views, challenging running loops, steep climbs and greenery filled paths. Perfect for your San Jose Race the USA Virtual 5k Series. Aside from these, one can even take on the routes like the Palo Alto, Santa Clara and Mountain View trails specific to Silicon Valley given its proximity.

Given that most of these routes (aside from those in downtown San Jose) are not exactly city adjacent, its always useful to go by taxi or have a car around to access all the trails easily. For those looking to join professional San Jose running events, join San Jose half marathon, a San Jose Race the USA 5k Run Series and 10k race to put your competitive spirit to the test.