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Motivating Virtual Races and Awesome Finisher Medals

There's something magical about completing a race – the sense of accomplishment, the rush of endorphins, and of course, the gleam of a well-earned medal. At Challenge in Motion, we go beyond offering medals; we provide you with high-quality running finisher medals accompanied by gorgeous neck ribbons, turning your achievements into cherished memories showcased on your special medal racks.


What is a Virtual Run?

Virtual runs have revolutionized the running experience. No longer bound by location, these races allow you to meet your running goals, contribute to charitable causes, and win prestigious finisher medals, all from the comfort of your chosen running route. It's not just a race; it's a flexible and enjoyable way to engage in running, irrespective of your skill level. Read more about how virtual runs have changed the running experience in our blog post "Run, Jog, or Walk: How Virtual Races Are Redefining the Running Experience"


Medals Commemorate an Achievement

While medals symbolize the completion of a race, they go beyond mere representation. They become tangible reminders of personal achievements, significant milestones, and life-changing experiences. Challenge in Motion takes pride in offering skillfully crafted race medals that not only celebrate your victories but also turn each race into a cherished memory.


Why Collect Medals?

Collecting medals isn't just about amassing shiny tokens; it's about being part of something bigger than yourself. Challenge in Motion, through its diverse range of skillfully crafted race medals, offers runners of all ages and skill levels a chance to strive for excellence, both before and after the race. Each medal becomes a badge of honor, a testament to your dedication and hard work.


Common Virtual Races with Medals Include:

Dive into the variety of virtual races that Challenge in Motion has to offer. Whether you prefer the shorter, more manageable 5k races or the extra challenge of a 10k race, or even the endurance test of a half marathon or distances of 100 miles or more, our races cater to all preferences. Additionally, we host traditional runs supporting various causes, fun runs with exciting themes, and virtual run challenges that unite runners globally.


How Do I Start Virtual Running and Collect My First Medal?

Stay in the loop with our latest races and medal releases by signing up for our email list. By doing so, you not only get exclusive access to upcoming events but also become a part of our vibrant running community. Simply lace up your running shoes, set your pace, and cross the finish line to claim your well-deserved medal.

Ready to embark on this super-fun and amazing aspect of running? Join Challenge in Motion today and be a pioneer in the future of running! 

2024 My Best Year Challenge - "Reach for the Stars"


North Pole to NYC Challenge (32.62mi/326.2mi)


Santa's 8 Reindeer Challenge (8 Miles)


Oktoberfest Virtual 5k (3.1 miles)