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Virtual Races With Medals


If you’ve ever run any type of race, you know that besides the feeling of accomplishment from crushing that goal, another perk you get is when you get to take home a shiny trophy or medal for a job well done.

Virtual running, also known as virtual racing, offers you another chance to add to your trophy case. Popularity for virtual running is on the rise for a number of reasons - flexibility, a way to give back to charity, freedom to choose the race you want and much more - but one of the biggest reasons we’ve seen is because you get to collect different types of medals.

At Challenge in Motion, we take pride in offering you high quality running Finisher Medals, and gorgeous neck ribbons that highlights the medal design. We also offer medal racks to install in your home.

Our finisher medal hanger is perfect for displaying these keepsakes, and to help you remember the cherished memories that go along with them.

What is a Virtual Run?

Virtual runs are races that can be completed from anywhere in the world, they can help you to meet your running goals, to give back to charity, to win finisher medals, and can even be a fun community or corporate event.

Virtual running is a fantastic way to exercise, lose weight, get in shape, or to just have fun, and this dynamic activity also gives you a new way to gather friends, family or coworkers for a group activity on your own time, regardless of your skill level.

The incredible flexibility of virtual running gives you the chance to craft it to meet your needs with a variety of distances and types, or you can even join in with people around the world in a designated race. Some of the best virtual races include 5k virtual races, 10k virtual races, virtual half marathon races, traditional runs, fun runs, and virtual run challenges.

Our virtual run events offer you a new way to engage in running, give back to charities, have fun and win amazing medals.

Medals Commemorate an Achievement

We know medals aren’t the only reason you run, but they signify much more than simply finishing a race. They could be a reminder of when you hit that big goal, or when you had a life-changing experience, but regardless of your reason, celebrating your accomplishment with a medal is the perfect way to commemorate an event.

Medals are an iconic tradition that have been celebrated for ages. They were a part of competition since the first Olympics in 1896 in Europe, and they made their way to the United States to become more commonly used in the 1970s.

Why Collect Medals?

Many virtual runners love collecting as many medals as they can, and rightfully so. It’s fun to be part of something bigger than yourself, and earning a medal can give you a profound sense of accomplishment.

The variety of skillfully crafted race medals offered by The Virtual Run Challenge give runners of all ages and skill levels something to strive for before the race and something to cherish after they complete it.

Some runners describe it as a badge of honor, as well as a way of both celebrating the achievement of finishing and remembering all the effort it took to prepare. Each medal is another chance for your future self to spark memories and bring you back to the time of your life when you ran that race.

All Challenge in Motion races come with medals, which means anytime you race with us, you will receive a medal for your dedication and hard work. Some of our memorial medals even include photo holders, so you can honor a family member during your run, or place a photo inside when you cross the finish line.

Common Virtual Races with Medals Include:


Virtual 5k Races with Medals

Our most popular choice is the 5k race , which is 3.1 miles long. This shorter distance makes it easier to load up on fun medals for your collection.

Virtual 10k Races with Medals

A 10k race is 6.2 miles, which is perfect for you if you want a little extra challenge. Most of our races include a 10k option, along with the 5k.

Half Marathon Races with Medals

If you’re ready for a step up from a 10k, half marathons are perfect with a 13.1 mile distance.

Traditional Runs with Medals

These races vary in length and are setup to support certain causes, such as families of veterans, memorial runs, or to honor those who serve, like firefighters. Virtual races for charity are a great way to give back while hitting your goal!

Fun Runs with Medals

These fun and exciting races give you a chance to dress up, complete the race on your own time, and win themed medals and swag, such as T-shirts, hats, keychains, lanyards, and much more. Some of these include our Unicorn Run or Holiday Runs, such as the Shamrocks & Shenanigans Virtual Race

Virtual Run Challenges with Medals

Challenges are set up to achieve a goal as a community, such as our Annual Earth Day Run Event, the Earth Day 24,901 Mile Challenge, where runners team up from all around the world  to collectively run the 24,901 mile circumference of the Earth.


How Do I Start Virtual Running and Collect My First Medal?

We’re releasing new races and medals all the time, so sign up for our email list to be the first to find out what kind and add them to your collection. When you sign up for our email list, you’ll also be the first to get notifications of new races and challenges.

After you sign up all you have to do is strap on your running shoes, choose your pace and cross the finish line!

We hope you join us in this super-fun and amazing new aspect of running and become part of the future of running!