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Engaging Virtual Walking Challenges

Step into the future of fitness and exploration with our virtual walking challenges! Designed to inspire and motivate, these challenges offer a unique blend of physical activity, virtual exploration, and community engagement, perfect for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you're looking to step up your daily walking routine, embark on a virtual journey across stunning landscapes, or connect with a global community of walking enthusiasts, our virtual walking challenges provide an innovative and fun way to achieve your fitness goals. Join us as we explore the many benefits and adventures that await in the world of virtual walking challenges.
Challenge in Motion Virtual Walking Challenge Progress Tracking Platform
Track Your Walking Challenge Progress

Experience the thrill of progression with our Challenge in Motion Online Progress Tracking system, a key feature of our virtual walking challenges. Perfectly integrated with our virtual walking challenges, it enables you to visualize your achievements, set personal goals, and stay on track towards completing your challenge.

Challenge in Motion Free Activity Challenge Badges
Free Challenge Badges

Unlock exciting rewards with Challenge in Motion's free monthly and yearly challenge badges! Simply log your miles each month to earn these distinctive badges, a testament to your dedication and progress in our virtual walking challenges. Celebrate your achievements and stay motivated all year round with these free, exclusive badges, a hallmark of your commitment to fitness and adventure.

2024 My Best Year Challenge - "Reach for the Stars"


North Pole to NYC Challenge (32.62mi/326.2mi)


Santa's 8 Reindeer Challenge (8 Miles)


Oktoberfest Virtual 5k (3.1 miles)