Introducting The Smurfs Fit Virtual Challenges DETAILS

Learn More About What a Virtual Run or Race Is


What is a virtual race? 

The simple answer to this question is that a virtual race is a race that is completed on your own terms.  Race location, pace, and even the style of completing a virtual race whether it is running, walking; indoors or outside is all determined by you!  Participating in a virtual race eliminates the hassel that some traditional races are plagued with and lets you the participant enjoy the more pleasant side of the race which is the participation.  Participants, like participants in a traditional race will earn a themed finisher medal, custom race bib, as well as any other race goodies that are included with the particular race they register for.


Why run a virtual race? 

There are many reasons on why to run a virtual race. For starters charities that participate can benefit by both the exposure to their cause as well as the portion of the registration they receive.

Another benefit of a virtual race is the flexibility.  Since the premise of participating in a vitual race is based on when it is convenient to the participant to complete things like scheduling conflicts, poor weather, or the other hassels that are associated with a traditional race.


How does a virtual race work? 

The process of registering for a virtual race is similar to registering for a traditional race event.   First find a distance that fits your event needs.   Our distances vary from 5k events all the way up to half marathon events.  Once you have chosen your goal distance the next step is to register for your event.    After you have registered for your vitual race all you have to do is choose a location and complete your distance.   Lastly, when you have completed your distance you will want to return to the our website to record your results and earn your finisher medal.

That's it!