Virtual Run & Challenges Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The My Best Year Challenge is our signature year long activity challenge.  We have actually created a specific page for this challenge that can be found 


A virtual challenge is a fitness activity that can be completed in any location at any given time.  The challenge may consist of completing a set number of miles by either running, walking, biking, swimming, or other forward moving acitivity based on the requirements of the challenge. 

At Challenge in Motion we do not require most of our challenges to be completed within any specific times.  We feel that by placing a mandatory completion time can actually have a negative effect on positive motivation.  Participants are more than welcome to create their own challenge completion windows.  

My Best Year Challenge™ is the only challenge that must be completed within the calendar year registered for.  

All of our challenges can be broken down into managable segments.  The main goal is to keep you motivated and focused on finishing the challenge.

Challenge in Motion events and challenges can be completed by running, walking, cycling, swimming,  or other forward motion activity.  

Some of our challenges are designed for suggested activities but, truly can be completed using all of the above.  

Participants do not need a special device to track their miles.  Many people use their smartphone as many of them have fitness apps built right in to track miles.  

Other fitness apps that can be downloaded for free are the Nike Run Club (NRC), MapMyRun, Strava, RunKeeper are just a few.  

Participants have 2 options to log miles for their registered challenge.  Once you have created your account on our tracking platform   1) Manually -  From the main calendar on your DASHBOARD, Select the date you would like to add your activity.  In the popup window select the registered challenge you want to add your miles, then  your exercise type, and add a distance.   2) Automatically –  Currently, we support: Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, and MapMyWalk. We are always working on adding other apps and devices. 

Depending on the challenge or event you register for the shipping process will vary.  If there are materials that are required to complete your challenge those will usually ship within 1-2 business days.  If there are no materials that are required to be used for the challenge Challenge in Motion will ship your finisher swag within 1-2 business days of the completion of your challenge.  

Challenge in Motion provides tracking numbers for all First Class, Priority, and International Packages.  Any materials that are mailed by standard postage will not have a tracking number provided.  

Challenge in Motion standard shipping provider is the United States Postal Service unless specified otherwise.  Packages shipped by the USPS can be tracked via their website found here

Challenge in Motion provides participants all over the world the opportunity to take part in our challenges.   International shipping rates will apply to those who live outside the country.  

We do understand that situations may come up where you may request a refund on your registration.  Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on registrations.  You do have the option to transfer your registration to another one of our virtual events

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