Introducting The Smurfs Fit Virtual Challenges DETAILS

How Does a Virtual Run or Virtual Challenge Work?

What is a virtual run or challenge?  The concept of a virtual run or virtual challenge is that a user will chose a distance that they feel comfortable with completing and then on their own time and their own location, which can be anywhere in the world, complete the challenge.  Many participants choose to run or walk but additional activities such as cycling, swimming, or any distance related activity can be substituted.  


What is the process of starting a virtual run or virtual challenge?

Step 1.  Choose Your Virtual Run or Challenge 

The first step in understanding how a virtual running challenge works is to choose one of our current virtual run events that fits the type of challenge you are looking for.  We offer challenges for all fitness levels.  Typically a challenge or virtual run is chosen based on the distance required to complete or the motivational theme.  Example if you need a little extra motivation for multiple months you might choose a challenge that offers a greater distance like 100 miles.   If you are looking for more of a short term goal you may choose a 5k (3.1 mile) challenge.  Another reason for selecting a specific challenge maybe the reward or Finisher Medal that is associated with it.  


Step 2.  Register for Your Chosen Virtual Run or Challenge

Our process of registering is a 2 step process.  Once you have selected your challenge you will complete the checkout process like any other online purchase.  Most of Challenge in Motion virtual runs or challenges do not have a required or specific start of finish date. Once you have completed your purchase transaction you will be directed to create a profile on our Online Mileage Logging Tracker.  After creating your profile your purchased challenge will be assigned to your profile within 24 to 48 hours.  


Step 3.  Complete Your Challenge

To complete your challenge you can choose anywhere you feel comfortable to participate.  This maybe a local route near your home, a nice beach while on vacation or even indoors on a treadmill for example.   The challenge is your challenge to complete.  You choose the day, location, set your own pace and finish the required distance.  You do not need to complete the distance in one activity. 


Step 4.  Logging Your Mileage After Completion 

Great job you have finished your virtual run or challenge!  To officially earn that finisher medal you must submit your results by log onto our online mileage tracker and log your completed mileage.  If you complete a portion of the challenge that will be represented by a percentage of the total distance complete.  Some virtual challenges even have the total distance broken into segments or milestones where users can unlock these completion badge.


Step 5.   Join Our Community and Share Your Photos

We like to think Challenge in Motion is more than just a website that offers virtual races with medals and challenges, we are a community of individuals that share a common goal.  By joining our online Facebook Group you are joining a family who's goal is to support and motivate each other.  We encourage everyone whether they have signed up for an event or just wants to be a part of something special.

Also, we love to see the photos our participants share with us on completing their event.  If you post online please tag us in your posts @challengeinmotion or email us at